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Map Below to Our Location
Tanger Outlet Suite 310
2601 S. McKenzie St.
Foley, AL 36535
"Old" Toys-R-Us Suite
Wednesday, November 14, 9am – 6pm
Thursday, November 15, 9am – 6pm
Friday, November 16, 9am – 6pm
(25% off day)*

Friday, November 16, 4pm – 6pm
(50% off Consignors/Volunteers ONLY:
Pass required)*

Saturday, November 17, 9am – 5pm
(50% off day)*

Thursday/Friday, November 22/23, 10pm – 2am
Black Friday
25% Off

* Applies only for those tags with: Discount - YES


Consign with Us & Earn Up to 75%!

Registrations are now OPEN!

DEADLINE: Monday, November 12, 2018 at 6pm

Computer will deny access to add inventory and price items at this time.

Consignors can still print their tags after the deadline.


Consigning Basics

What is a Seasonal Consignment Sale?

  • Moms bring us their children’s gently used item and we have a sales event. 
  • Sales are twice a year:  spring/summer and fall/winter.
  • You can sell or purchase children’s items: linens, clothing, furniture, maternity, toys, nursing supplies, and much more.
  • Moms that bring us their items to sell are called “consignors”.
  • Consignors are mailed a check for their sold items usually within three weeks from the sale close date.
  • Consignors get to shop FIRST, before the sale is open to the public.  (Pre-Sale event).
  • No YARD sale at your house:  let us do the advertising and displaying for you.
  • Moms can donate their unsold items to help families in need.
  • We offer a “How To” class / workshop.
  • Now, CLEAN out those closets, come see us, and make some money!

 Consignors earn 65-75% of their sales, less the consignor fee.

The Consignor fee is as follows:

  • $10 for new consignors
  • $7 for returning consignors
  • All Consignors receive 65% of their profits (less the consignor fee)

 Consignors can earn 70-75% of their profits by volunteering:

  • Volunteer for a 4 hour shift and receive 70% commission.
  • Volunteer for an 8 hour shift and receive 75% commission.

 Registering as a consignor:

  • Register online to receive a login name, password, and Consignor ID number through My Sale Manager.
  • Consignor ID will be used now and for all future sales as a returning consignor.
  • Agree to the Foley’s Munchkin Market Seller Agreement and Recall Waiver.
  • Schedule a Volunteer Shift

Keeping Track of Inventory / Sales
My Sale Manager is our online inventory tracking system and this allows our consignors to:

  • Add price and maintain your inventory
  • View estimated earnings and sold items during the sale
  • Indicate if item is to be discounted               
    • The day before the sale ends: 25% off
    • Last day of sale: 50% off
  • Indicate if item is to be donated



We do not accept handwritten tags Consignors are responsible for tagging and pricing their own items.

  • There is no limit on the number of items to bring and we accept all brand names.
  • The minimum number of items to consign is 15.
  • See “Merchandise Preparation” for more information about how to tag items.
  • Below: Example of our tags.

  • Note – For RETURNING consignors:
  • Tags do NOT have to be reprinted if no changes are being made to the tag.
  • After registering as a returned consignor
  • Click “work with inventory”
  • Click  “work with inactive inventory”


Any items that did not sell and you wish to donate are picked up at the end of our event. Consignors will indicate on their price tags if their item is or is NOT for donation. Foley’s Munchkin Market will automatically pull those donated items off the floor for you at the end of the sale to give directly to our local charities.

If the price tag is not marked for donation and at Pick Up you decide to make a Donation, it is YOUR responsibility to take your items and place them in the donation pile.  If you do not come to pick up your items, they will be automatically donated.
You will have the ability to track your sold items during the sale and determine at pickup if you want to place any unsold items in the donation area during the pick up process.

Class/ Workshop

Still not convinced?  Unsure how to prep items?

Take a class and come to our workshop.

  • We offer classes before each of our sales.
  • We provide 2 different ways to teach you about consignment.
  • We also have a hands-on workshop that you can bring your items to and start tagging.

To learn more about our classes and workshop click here.

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