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Map Below to Our Location
Tanger Outlet Suite 310
2601 S. McKenzie St.
Foley, AL 36535
"Old" Toys-R-Us Suite
Wednesday, November 14, 9am – 6pm
Thursday, November 15, 9am – 6pm
Friday, November 16, 9am – 6pm
(25% off day)*

Friday, November 16, 4pm – 6pm
(50% off Consignors/Volunteers ONLY:
Pass required)*

Saturday, November 17, 9am – 5pm
(50% off day)*

Thursday/Friday, November 22/23, 10pm – 2am
Black Friday
25% Off

* Applies only for those tags with: Discount - YES


Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Volunteers, Consignors and Donators are invited to shop before the public sale and are given a Pre-Sale PASS!

Entry is not permitted without the Pre-Sale pass.

Pre-Sale Schedule:

Team Leaders & Breakdown Team

2pm – 8pm

8 Hour Volunteers

3pm – 8pm

4 Hour Volunteers

4pm – 8pm

Consignors and Donators

5pm – 8pm

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
New Moms and Grandparents, Teachers, Daycare Workers, Military, and Foster Parents are invited to shop before the public sale and will need to print out a "New Mom" Pass. See below to see if you qualify. Children are welcome to this night of shopping.

Entry is not permitted without the Pre-Sale pass.

New Moms and Grandparents, Teachers, Daycare Workers, Military, and Foster Parents

6pm – 8pm

.Pre-Sale General Information:

  • Volunteers, Consignors, Donators and "New Moms" have the exclusive privilege to shop our sale before we are open to the public.
  • Volunteers are issued a Pre-Sale pass based on hours contributed.
  • All Consignors are issued Pre-Sale pass.
  • Entry is NOT permitted without a Pre-Sale pass.
  • We will not place merchandise “On Hold”, therefore sales must be made that evening.
  • You CAN get into Pre-Sale without consigning.  Scroll down to Volunteer ONLY, New Mom, or Donator section to learn more.

Team Leaders and Breakdown team

  • These are “Super” volunteers who work fast and furious.
  • Our Team Leaders are hand-picked based on past performance, level of effort, and dedication.
  • We reward them for all the extra time they spend away from their families to support our sale.
  • We proudly invite them to shop the earliest to say “Thanks”. 
  • The Breakdown Team is the toughest task to volunteer for. They deserve to be rewarded. To be on the Breakdown Team, you must volunteer 8 total working hours and at least 4 of those hours have to be during breakdown. Husbands are welcomed to volunteer. 


4 and 8 Hour Consigning Volunteers
  • Volunteered approved work shifts totaling 4 or 8 hours.
  • Learn more about Volunteer rewards and available shifts by clicking on the “Volunteer” tab.

Learn more about volunteer shifts and the rewards by clicking the “Volunteer” tab.



All participating consignors will receive a Pre-Sale pass at drop off.


  • Donate 10 or more acceptable items to be consigned to earn a Pre-Sale Pass.
  • Proceeds go to the IBC Network.


New Mom/New Grandparent
  • Any new mom (expecting or has a child less than 1 year of age)
  • Any new grandparent (has expecting grandchild or has grandchild less than 1 year of age)

Teachers/Daycare Workers/Military/Foster Parents

  • We want to thank you for all you do, so we invite you to shop early with a “New Mom” pass for Pre-Sale.
  • Please bring ID

Apply for a Pre-Sale New Mom Shopping pass by clicking the button below.


Volunteer Only
  • Are workers who do not consign items but want to shop at Pre-Sale.
  • Must volunteer a minimum of 4 hours to attend the Pre-Sale.
  • Receive a Pre-Sale pass via email.
  • For more information on becoming a Volunteer ONLY click “Volunteer”


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