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Map Below to Our Location
Tanger Outlet Suite 310
2601 S. McKenzie St.
Foley, AL 36535
"Old" Toys-R-Us Suite
Wednesday, November 14, 9am – 6pm
Thursday, November 15, 9am – 6pm
Friday, November 16, 9am – 6pm
(25% off day)*

Friday, November 16, 4pm – 6pm
(50% off Consignors/Volunteers ONLY:
Pass required)*

Saturday, November 17, 9am – 5pm
(50% off day)*

Thursday/Friday, November 22/23, 10pm – 2am
Black Friday
25% Off

* Applies only for those tags with: Discount - YES


Volunteer - Earn up to 75% & Shop Early!


Volunteering is a way to EARN MORE commission on your sale AND to SHOP EARLY at the sale.

There are volunteer shifts that are fewer hours and count as FULL shifts. There is no obligation to look at the different shifts available

  • Volunteer for one 4-hour shift
    • Earn an extra 5% commission on your sales (totaling 70%)
    • Pre-Sale  entry 1 hour before non-volunteering consignors
  • Volunteer for two 4-hour shifts
    • Earn an extra 10% commission on your sales (totaling 75%)
    • Pre-Sale  entry 2 hours before non-volunteering consignors

Maximum number of shifts to volunteer = 2; there are no benefits to working more than 8 hours total.
A spouse, family member, or friend can help you with your volunteer hours.

  • If they are working FOR you, just sign up the hours under your consignor number.
  • If they are working WITH you, they need to register as a volunteer only (see below).

Send an e-mail to with their name so we can match their hours to your consignor number to receive the appropriate Pre-Sale pass and commission.

If you and a consigning friend want to sign up together for a shift – each of you will receive additional commission and earlier pre-sale pass, but each of you must sign up for the Volunteer shift when you login as a CONSIGNOR.

HUSBANDS ARE NEEDED!!  Husbands work great for security, help with bringing items to cars, and for set up and tear down.  If both of you work 4 hours, then 8 hours will be earned for 75% commission.


How to Sign Up for Volunteer Shifts
  • Register as a Consignor for the next sale.  Either as a returning or new consignor.(on home page)
  • Once registered, click REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER below
  • Register as a worker
  • View and sign up for selected shifts
  • Review Worker Agreement
  • Pre-Sale passes will be handed out during Drop-Off.

If you want to split a shift, (Ex 2 hours one day, 2 hours another day) please email us at to arrange the requested times.

For a list of Job Duties, CLICK HERE

Click here to REGISTER to Volunteer

Don’t have time to Volunteer?  You can volunteer services in lieu of a shift.

Here are things we need to earn a 4-hour Volunteer Pre-Sale pass:

  • Meals for workers: Can be sub sandwiches, pizza, chicken, or something homemade to feed 6-10 people.  ****ONLY ONE 4-HR MEAL SHIFT PER CONSIGNOR
  • Signs/Banners: We need some banners and lots of small signs to advertise our event.
  • Flyer Distribution: We need help in distributing flyers to schools, daycares, doctor’s offices, and other locations to reach local moms. 
  • Set-Up/Break-Down:  Set up the store with racks around the day before the first Drop-Off date.  Break down the racks & signs and load the truck the last day of the sale.  (This is a good job for a husband).
    Publicity/Media Coverage: If you can help us with Radio, Internet, or Television Coverage you will receive a 4-hr Volunteer Pre-Sale Pass.

Please email us at if interested.

Volunteer ONLY

Volunteers with nothing to sell but would like to shop Pre-Sale.

  • Must volunteer at least 1 shift = 4 hours. Max 2 shifts = 8 hours.
  • Volunteer shifts must be worked prior to Pre-Sale date.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you along with your job duty responsibilities.
  • Pre-Sale passes will be emailed a week before the event.
  • Click the “Volunteer Only” button.
  • Follow the link “Need To Register As a Worker?”

Volunteers that are working hours for a consignor

  • Must volunteer at least 1 shift = 4 hours.  Max 2 shifts = 8 hours.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you along with your job duty responsibilities.
  • Click Volunteer ONLY button.
  • Register as a Worker
  • The system will ask you for a CONSIGNOR NUMBER and you will indicate the consignor number of the consignor you are helping but enter YOUR contact information.
Click here to REGISTER to Volunteer


If you need to reschedule your volunteer times, log back into the Volunteer Schedule to edit. If you are unable to work the shift you agreed upon it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find a replacement.
If an emergency comes up, you need to contact Foley’s Munchkin Market via phone at 251-298-7253 (SALE).  Please do so no later than 24 hours before your scheduled shift.

If you cancel after the cut-off date or don't contact Foley’s Munchkin Market you may be charged a "NO SHOW FEE" which is $10 for EACH VOLUNTEERED HOUR taken from your settlement check AND/OR you may be removed from future Pre-Sale Events.

  • Volunteers are not allowed to bring a guest shopper.
  • If you cannot come to Pre-Sale, you may give your pass to a friend or relative.
  • See the Pre-Sale Page for more information about our Pre-Sale.

Click Here for the Pre-Sale Schedule

Sign Up for our e-mail mailing list found under the "CONTACT US” link above and click on the “Join Our  Mailing List" selection and complete the form.


Check out our Facebook page.  You can also spread the word by joining our Facebook Group and adding your friends!